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 School: Gallagher Middle School Cleveland Ohio United States
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This is one of many pictures from the Solar Celebration June 1st at Gallagher Middle School in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a 1 kW system and the information about how much electricity is being generated will be on the WEB soon. If you want more details or pictures, contact Glen Kizer.

The local TV station and the local newspaper were there; a number of local government officials and elected officials also came. We are getting the news out that solar electricity can work..even in Ohio..even on a rainy day...and you couldn't find a day with more rain than June 1st.

Scott Sklar did a fantastic job talking about solar and saying he was really "Peter Dreyfuss" when he presented the MSRI certificate to the principal. The great Sara Ward presented a wonderful plaque from the State of Ohio and Elaine and Mary walked a PV panel through the audience...probably scared some people who have never touched a solar panel. It went very well.

PS: David Rowe and the Detroit Shoreway team did a fantastic job with this project. They demonstrate how important it is for local groups coordinating local projects. Congratulations, David!

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