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 School: Istanbul Technical University, Electrical Engineering Maslak, Istanbul All States/Provinces Turkey
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Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest and top engineering universities in Turkey. The Department of Electrical Engineering involves research and education in electric power systems (both in generation and distribution), high voltage technique, control system, illumination technique, electrical machines and power electronics.

There are currently two solar energy projects.

One involves the outdoor area lighting of the faculty building using solar panels. A 1kW solar array has been installed on the roof of the building. During the day time solar arrays are charging a battery bank and this energy is utilized at night for lighting. The entire system is controlled by a programmable logic controller and a daily values of the data are stored in a computer and displayed through the web (still under development).

This was a senior design project of an undergraduate student. Another student is working for a maximum power point tracker for this system to utilize the solar array's energy as efficiently as possible.

The other project involves the utility interaction of a solar energy system. For this purpose a 10kW solar arrays have been installed in an area close to the building . The DC voltage generated by the arrays is available at the laboratory and the testing will be performed in there. A maximum power point tracker and a three phase inverter is to be designed and built for this system. During the day time the energy produced by the solar arrays will be supplied to the utility grid. No energy storage is planned at this moment for this system.

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Last updated on June 28, 2002

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